A Reset service is a special type of units-based service that is still a monthly service.  Every month the client's service will allow them to have some or all of the unused units be "Reset" to the next month for use.

First mark the service as a Rollover service.  This option will cause the client's service to restore the beginning units back to its original purchased value when the date condition for the Rollover has been met.  The units used will also be set back to zero.  Any units that are part of the Rollover will be added to the beginning units.  The picture below will allow all units to be rolled over from the previous month and they will be able to store any number of units.

You will need to set a date condition that it will Rollover on.  it can be the Day of Week, Day of Month, or Day of Year.  This is a number value, so Monday would be the 1st of the week, Tuesday the 2nd, etc.  The picture below has the service reset on the 1st of every month.


A client purchases a service that is set up with 10 beginning units and to Rollover on day 15 of each month.

On the 15th of each month the client's service will be set back to 10 beginning units regardless of how many units were remaining.

If the client only uses 8 units within a month, the 2 units remaining are lost and the service is reset back to 10 beginning units.

If all 10 units are used up before the end of the month, the service is not considered expired just unavailable for use. The service will still reset the beginning units back to 10 on the first of the next month. This will continue until the expiration date on the service has passed.

(The option to "Roll over remaining balance instead of resetting balance" will cause the service to behave as a roll over service, which will allow clients to accumulate units each month without losing any used units. Limits may be set on the number of remaining units that may be rolled over and the maximum accumulation of units that may be obtained.)