This is an unrecoverable error message denoting the SunTouch database is corrupt. The only fix for this is to restore from backup.
This error usually occurs because database maintenance was cancelled while the process was still running or a salon employee  that they ran the toolbox with the "Improper Exit Message" screen still open. Recommend to them to always exit SunTouch and then open the ToolBox manually.

  1. If they have, you can use either the sunplus.mdb they backed up or extract it from the zip file the files are stored in.
  2. At this point you just have to replace the old sunplus.mdb with the one from backup.
  3. If they have not been doing backups, you may still be able to restore an old database. When clients perform certain maintenance actions a copy of the database is made.
  4. Navigate to c:\SUNPLUS\Backup\temp. There should be a number of files with a R1 to R0 as a prefix. Rename the last one e.g. R1Sunplus.mdb to sunplus.mdb. Replace the sunplus.mdb with the one you renamed.
  5. Run maintenance on the new sunplus.mdb.
  6. Open SunTouch and see if it wi ll operate.