SunTouch will start to open, but will disappear after stopping at loading step 6.  The suntouch.exe is still running in the Task Manager's Details.

The Activity.mdb file has become corrupted after the was powered down after a computer locked up or there was a power failure.  It will need to be replaced with a blank copy from backup.

  1. Restart the PC.  Do not try to open SunTouch until you complete the following steps.
  2. Open My Computer.
  3. Navigate to c:\SUNPLUS\.
  4. Rename the existing Activity.mdb to Activity_old.mdb
  5. Open a new My Computer window.
  6. Navigate to C:\SUNPLUS\Backup.
  7. Copy the Activity.mdb in that folder to c:\SUNPLUS\.  DO NOT MOVE THIS FILE.  If this happens again, you will need a copy of the blank Activity.mdb to replace the corrupted one.
  8. Open SunTouch.