If you get the error below when opening SunTouch, you will have to run maintenance before SunTouch will open. The SunTouch Improper Exit Message is just that SunTouch did not close by clicking the Exit button or the red X in Windows and may be caused by a Windows crash or a power failure.

Maintenance on the SunTouch Access database should be done at least once a week, but it is better to run maintenance everyday as part of the salon's closing process.
If the maintenance is closed at any point while it is still running, the database will be damaged and may result in SunTouch Error 3112.

  1. Close SunTouch.
  2. Open My Computer
  3. Navigate to c:\SUNPLUS\.
  4. Backup the c:\sunplus\sunplus.mdb file.
  5. Open the toolbox.exe.
  6. Click on the Maintenance button.

  7. Enter your employee ID number.  If you get an Access Denied message your employee ID does not have access to this tool.
  8. It will list the length the last maintenance session took in the window. THE MAINTENANCE CANNOT BE STOPPED ONCE STARTED. If the PC powers off or the maintenance program is ended, you will have to restore from the backup you performed. . 
  9. When you are ready to begin maintenance, click Begin.
  10. Let the maintenance program run until it is completed.  The time it will take is based on the size of database and the speed of the PC.  Click OK once the completed message appears.

  11. Close out of the Toolbox and open SunTouch.