SunTouch only supports parallel receipt printers from Star.  If you are attempting to use a USB printer, you will need to upgrade to our SalonTouch software or return to the parallel printer.

Ensure that the printer functions in Windows.  Instructions for performing a Test Print in Windows XP can be found here:

Check the parallel port number that the printer is using the Windows Device Manager (DevMgmt.msc ).  There will be a Ports section that will have the list of parallel ports.  Try each of the parallel ports in the Register setting.

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click System.
  3. Click Register.
  4. Try changing the Receipt Port being used by selecting the LPT port from the drop down to one found in the Windows Device Manager.
  5. SunTouch only works with Star SP200, Epson parallel, and the default Windows report printer.  No other printers will work with SunTouch.

  6. Cut and Pop Settings for these are stored in SunTouch.  You cannot manually change these settings with a different printer.

  7. You can test the printer by clicking Test at the bottom.