When opening SunTouch you receive the following error message about the T-Max Database Timer is not responding to the COM Port you selected.

This may be caused by several things with the computer. Almost all timer issues are resolved by simply restarting the timer.  If the software is no longer able to set beds, perform the following steps:

  1. Power down the timer for 60 seconds then power it back on.  Try to set a bed from the software.
  2. Make sure that all cable and wiring is tight and snug on the Tmax  timer. Also make sure that the connector going to the PC is set tightly on the PC serial port.
  3. Close SunTouch and open it back up.  Try to set a bed from the software.
  4. Close SunTouch and restart the PC.  Try to set a bed from the software.

The communications port being changed after unplugging the USB to Serial adapter.

  1. Open the Windows Device Manager
  2. Click on the + next to Ports.
  3. There will be a list of communication ports.  Normally this will be Com Port 1 or 2 for a built in serial port, but can be 3 or higher for USB to Serial adapters.
  4. Once you have the Com Port number your serial port is using Click Setup.
  5. Click on Stations.
  6. Click on the Timer Setup tab.
  7. Change the Com Port to the correct Com Port found in the Windows Device Manager.
  8. Close SunTouch and reopen it.