It is important first to setup the Rooms and then the Tanning Services as the complete setup of any Tanning services requires you to define what rooms that services will use.  As a reminder, here is the link on how to create rooms:   Creating Rooms

  1. Click “Setup” on the top toolbar. 

  2. Click “Tan Services” on the left toolbar. 

  3. If creating a local service click “Add Local Tan Service” on the left toolbar.

  4. If creating a global service click the tab header “Connection” on the left toolbar. Then click “Global Services” on the left toolbar and then click “Add Global Service”. 

  5. From the pop-up window select either “Blank Record” or from one of the existing services which may be used as a template. Using an existing template is especially time saving when creating a new service that is very similar to an existing service.

  6. Single click your selection and then click the “OK” button or just double click your selection. 

  7. On the first tab (Service ID) complete all the information on how you want to create this service.

  8. On the second tab (Dollars),select the appropriate taxes that will apply and check mark "Display in Register"

  9. The price section at the bottom half is the most important. It is important to enter the Salon, Price, Price Starts. the other entries are optional and can be populated later.

  10. On the third tab (Surcharges) enter 
  • Salon, 
  • Bed Type, 
  • From Minute of Total Tan Time, 
  • To Minute of Total Tan Time, 
  • Charge Flat $ if any surcharges apply for this bed
  • Deduct Flat units if sessions are to be deduct for every tan

**This must be done for every bed type that this service will use

The other tabs are optional and can be populated as desired to further fine tune the service.

Click Save when done

Here is a video on how to create  tanning services