Download Instructions for the ACH Extractor Program (we recommend using Chrome)

Please note that this program must be downloaded and run on the computer in which SalonTouch is installed and operational.
 We recommend using Chrome to download this program and for all your internet browsing.  If you download this program using another browser, the screens that appear may be different from the ones show here.  These screens are from Chrome.

 1.  You will have received an email with a direct download link to the ACH Exporter for SalonTouch.

Click on the file name from the email



Download File


2.  Once you click on the file it will begin to download.  This should only take about 15 seconds to download depending on your network speed.

3. After the download, you will most likely see the following message. Click the Up arrow.


4.  Then click Keep. This will officially complete the download of the program.


5.  After clicking Keep, the file should look like the one below. The red triangle to the left of the file name should be replaced with what looks like a piece of paper.


6.  The program is now ready run.  We recommend moving or copying this file to your desktop for so it can be easily found when you are ready to run it.

 7. Click
here to watch a video on how to use this program.

Note:  If you are not sure how to copy or move this file to your desktop, follow these quick steps.

1. Click the Up arrow located to the right of the file.

2. Click Show in Folder.

3. Right-click on the file ach_exporter_salontouch.exe

4. Click Cut or Copy

5. Go to your Desktop and Right-click on an open area of your Desktop and click Paste.  You should now the ach_exporter_salontouch.exe on your Desktop.

Please review the following information when starting this program.

Windows has built-in security features which require permission before a program can run.  Below are two samples of what the screens may look like. Screen A and Screen B.

Also, depending on how your Windows operating system and User Account Control settings are configured, you may see a different screen from the ones shown below. As long you see the App or Program Name is ACH_Exporter_Salontouch.exe then choose to run the program.

Screen A

1. Click More info.  


2.  Verify the App is ACH_Exporter_Salontouch.exe

3. Click Run anyway.  This will start the program.  Click here to watch the video on how to use the program.


Screen B

1.  Verify the Name is ACH_Exporter_Salontouch.exe

2. Click Run.  This will start the program.  Click here to watch the video on how to use the program.