1. Go to Setup, then Activations and click on Credit card Processing (the below window will appear).

  2. Type in or copy and paste the new URL that you got from WorldPay in the Register POS Settings (first tab on the left)

  3.  https://api.lynksystems.com/LE0100820Pmt

  4. Click Save.

  5. Click the Test button (the below window will pop up)

  6. Click Begin. At this point SalonTouch will start testing the link. For each type of credit card listed you will see an Approved (in Green color) appear if the link tested successfully.

  7. Click Cancel when the test is complete.

  8. If the test does not pass double check the URL again and try again. If it does not work then please call SalonTouch Support line.

  9. Go back and click on the second tab (EFT POS Settings) and add in the new URL in EFT Credit Processing Information and EFT Check Processing Information sections and repeat the Test.