1. Click Setup at the top.
  2. Click Inventory under the Management section of thepull down.
  3. This will open a list of the inventory for the salon for viewing purposes.
  4. Click the Edit button at the lower left to edit the quantities.  After clicking Edit, the Edit button will disappear.
  5. Find the product you want to adjust inventory for.  You can use the Find button at the bottom to search by Bar Code.
  6. In the text field under Adjust +/- enter the amount that you want to adjust the inventory by.  This is adding or subtracting from the inventory.  If you currently have 5 in inventory and want to add 5 more, enter 5 in the Adjust +/- to bring the total balance up to 10.
  7. Click Save at the bottom and the In Stock column will update to 10.