An EFT Membership Freeze Service is a service that temporarily freezes any EFT service from being used and can change their draft amount to a temporary holding amount.  Please read our article on Setting up a Tanning Service before creating a membership service.

  1. On the lower right side of the service screen click on the EFT Service drop down and select This is an EFT Freeze Service from the list.

  2. You will want to put the number of months that the freeze service will be effective for.  Each freeze service is for a set number of months.  If you want to freeze for 1, 2, or 3 months; you will want to create 3 separate services e.g. 1 Month Freeze, 2 Month Freeze, and a 3 Month Freeze service.  The example below is for a 1 Month Freeze Service.
  3. Enter the number of Months the service will freeze the client's EFT membership account in the Free client's EFT for the next 

    If you wish to freeze the client's account indefinitely, enter 999 for the number of months.

  4. You have the option to replace the current draft amount of the client's services with a temporary freeze draft amount.  Click the check mark next to Set the client's EFT Freeze Draft Amount to: and enter the amount that you want to set the freeze draft amount.

  5. Click Save.