Inventory may be added only after the general information for a product has been created and saved. SalonTouch is designed to track multiple costs for a single product. To adjust the inventory for a particular product:

  1. Click the Inventory button for the product you wish to adjust.

  2. Enter the inventory count in the window appears along with the wholesale of the product to the salon.

  3. Click Save in the main product window.
  4. The inventory will show the current count for the wholesale cost of the product.  Entering the wholesale cost of the product can be used in commission calculations and valuations of inventory.  SalonTouch also has the ability to track multiple inventory wholesale costs. And can either subtract inventory using First In First Out (FIFO) or Last In First Out (LIFO) methods.

    You can enter reorder warning points to alert your sales staff when to reorder product by entering the product inventory warning levels in the Reorder Levels and Reorder Minimum fields.