I keep intermittently losing my connection to the timer

Modified on Fri, 29 Jun 2018 at 02:43 PM

When the connection to the timer drops thought the day, the most likely cause is there is a cabling problem.  Most of the times it is just caused by loose wiring.

  1. Trace the cable back from the timer to the computer.  It is normally best to start at the timer and work your way back to the computer.
  2.  If there are any adapters, make sure they are tightly secured.  If the adapters have a screw and lug mechanism, tighten the screws.  This will help ensure that the cable do not come loose.
  3. If there is a USB to Serial adapter, the adapter may be having problems.  They can be fairly delicate and can fail when subjected to stresses beyond their limitations.
  4. In the event that the a USB to Serial adapter is failing, another can be purchased to replace it.  If the PC is a tower model, we do suggest that a  PCI Express Serial card be put into the PC itself to eliminate the need for, and issues with, the adapter.
  5. If the timer is intermittently going to an off state from a ready state, restarting the timer may resolve this.  If it does not, contact the hardware manufacturer for assistance.

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