Creating Products

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    1. Click the Setup button at the top of the screen.
    2. Click on Products on the left.
    3. Click on Add on the left.
    4. At the pop-up window select either Blank Template or one of the existing products which may be used as a template. Using an existing template is especially helpful and time saving when creating a new product that is very similar to an existing product. (Single click your selection.)
      Also check if you would like to copy the template information for the selected product’s price and combo information. When you are ready to create your product, click the OK button.
    5. You will be asked to select a product to use as a temple for the new product.  You can select one from the list or use Blank Template at the top.  You have the option to copy over Price and Combo information from the template product.
    6. At the product screen enter the information for the product. You must at least give the product a value for Name 1 and Name 2.
    7. You must setup at least one price entry in order for the product to appear in the register. The minimum information for a price entry is Salon, Price and Price Starts date which is the first day that this product will show up in the register. All other information may be added later.
    8. Click on Apply at the bottom.
    9. Click on Save at the bottom to save this product.
    10. To add Inventory, click the Inventory button at the top right of the product.
    11. This will open a new window.  Enter the inventory adjustment count (Inventory added or subtracted not your total amount.) and the Wholesale cost of the inventory count.
    12. Click Save.
    13. The current inventory count for each wholesale price point will be displayed in a scrolling list.  You can delete an inventory price point by clicking Delete.
    14. The reorder levels are used as a way to warn employees that inventory counts are low and the product needs to be reordered. They are optional and do not have to be used.
    15. There are 2 reorder points, A and B.  You are able to use 1 point for busy times of the year and the other point for slower times.  This allows for a reorder warning to appear at a higher inventory count.
    16. To set the Reorder point that is used perform the following:
      1. Click Setup.
      2. Click Register on the left.
      3. Click Point of Sale on the left.
      4. The Inventory Options section allows you to choose Reorder point A or B.

      5. Click Save.
      6. Click Cancel to exit.

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