Things to know before you get started using SalonTouch

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Service Setup

  • What type of services do you what to setup for each room?  Will it be Unlimited sessions, a set amount of sessions, a fixed number of sessions per month that can reset each month, is it going to be an EFT service (a monthly recurring revenue), a service that can be shared with other people?   There are many ways a service can be created to help you generate more money and maximize your revenue.
  • What services can use each room?  You most likely will not want all your services to be used in any room without a charging some type of surcharge.   For example, will the client pay a surcharge in money, extra sessions, points, etc. or simply not allow a service to be used in a particular at all.
  • If doing EFTs (highly recommended based on your market), what day(s) of the month do you want to run your EFTs?  Some owners run EFT’s 4 times a month, others more and others less.  Some owners set particular services to only be run on a certain date.  This allows you to independently track what each service is generating on a monthly basis.


Product Setup

  • What type of products will you sell and how do you want those to appear in the register.   The SalonTouch register has up to 4 levels which can be used when adding products and services.  For products they are Category, Product, Item and Sub-Item.   Do you want to create a category called Lotions and under Lotions you list the Vendor’s name or types of the lotions you carry and under each name you list the product name and under product name you list the size?  This is just one example of many that can be configured to allow you to best run your business.
  • Will you keep track of the inventory and re-order points of your products?
  • Will you want to combo a product and service together, or allow a product to be purchased only if a client owns a particular service, or vice versa?


Salon Setup

  • What levels of security do you want your staff positions to have?  SalonTouch has 3 default levels to help get you started, Owner (has full access), Manager (has about 75% access) and Employee (has about 50% access).  You can create your own security profiles and or modify the existing profiles.
  • Decide how you want the rooms to appear on the screen (this feature is of limited availability in SalonTouch Evolution).  You can design the way the rooms will be laid out in a variety of ways.  For example, the exact layout of your salon, in geometric patterns, etc.
  • What names do you want to assign to your rooms?  For example, High Pressure, Stand-Up, Spray Booth, 36 Lamp, etc.
  • Know your state tax laws.  Does your state require you to charge tax on services?  What about tax on surcharges?
  • State minimum tanning ages, parental consent age, and permitted time between UV tans.


By taking the time the pre-plan how you want to run your business, it will make setting up SalonTouch much easier and faster and with fewer do overs.

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