Making a sale using a gift certificate works very similar to making any other sale in SalonTouch.  The main difference is the use of a tracking number to determine the value of the gift certificate or gift card.

  1. Begin making a sale in SalonTouch Evolution as you normally would.  Instructions on this can be found here.

  2. When you click Tender, you will be using the Gift Certificate button.  There is no difference in the software between a gift card and a gift certificate.  If the Gift Certificate button is not able to be clicked on, you will need to add it to the payment methods.
  3. If the salon is using Tracking numbers, the employee will enter it here.  Tracking numbers allow SalonTouch to track the stored value on the card.  Most salons use a gift card with a tracking number on the back that can be scanned with a bar code scanner.
  4. Click Find or press Enter on the keyboard.

  5. The current stored value will be displayed to the employee.  Click OK.
  6. Enter the amount to be used from the gift certificate or click Balance Due.  NOTE: If no tracking number is used, the steps to enter the tracking number and value display will be skipped.
  7. Click OK to tender the transaction.