While most salons setup their EFT Membership services to run as an ongoing service, some salons want to give their clients the flexibility of allowing a set contract term.

Setup an EFT Cancellation Service as normal.  The difference will be how we deal with the number of drafts that will be made 

For the number of number of Monthly Drafts, put in the number of contract months minus 1.  A 12 month contract term will have the first payment made at the salon with 11 payments made after that.  You just as easily set it for a 6 month or 24 month term by changing the number of months for the cancellation.

The salon employee will need to sell the 12 month contract cancellation immediately after the EFT Membership sale.  This will change the deactivation date of the EFT draft to 11 months after their draft date for the month they bought it.

The EFT services will expire 30 days after their last draft to reflect their last month.

Sell the EFT service as normal.