Only One Bed is Not Setting from Salon Touch

Modified on Fri, Jun 23, 2023 at 3:03 PM

When only one bed or a few beds are not sending time from the software, this usually indicates the issue is coming from the bed or Tmax Timer itself. Follow these steps below to rule out if it is a Bed/Tmax issue or a Salon Touch issue:

  1. The First step is to try and set the bed(s) manually from the Tmax Timer in the Salon
  2. If the bed does not start manually, this indicates it is an issue stemming from the bed or Tmax Timer. If you do not have access or know how to use the Timer manually, continue with the following steps..
  3. Close out Salon Touch and use this link to download the Tmax software Adnet2k:
  4. Once it is installed, Open Adnet 2k as administrator
  5. Go to Setup and verify you have the correct comport that the tmax is connected to selected. (You can verify this by going to "Device Manager" > Select 'COM Ports' > verify which COM port tmax is on)
  6. Click "Start", you will see all the beds that are being picked up on the Tmax Timer. Select the beds you want to test and start them.
  7. If the bed does not turn on or ignores the command, that tells you the issue is the bed and you need to call the bed manufacturer for assistance.
  8. If the bed does start, then close Adnet. Restart the Tmax Timer and the computer and test using Salon Touch.

If the bed starts from Adnet, but still does not start after step 8, then call Salon Touch for further support. 1-877-725-6686

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