How do I copy my SalonTouch Database Backups to an external memory drive unit?

Modified on Thu, 07 Jun 2018 at 06:45 PM

Our Hosted clients have their backups done in an automated fashion that does not require them to copy and paste files.  If you are a Hosted client, SalonTouch maintains backups on our servers and there is no need for any further action from your side.


If you have a standalone SalonTouch system follow the standard Windows method for copying files from one folder to another:


  1. Ensure that you have the external drive plugged into the PC and have opened that drive in a window.
  2. Open the SalonTouch Back up Database folder shortcut on your desktop.   Our software technicians will place a shortcut on you desktop pointing to the locations.  If a local IT support technician setup the backups, the folder is normally located at c:\SalonTouch\Backup_Databases\

  3. Select all the files in the Backup Database folder (you can do this easily by pressing Ctrl + A on your Keyboard and it will highlight all the files in Blue).  You can also select items individually by using the CTRL key, the Shift key, or by using the Lasso selector in Windows Explorer.  You may have either the 18 files below or a rolling backup where a backup occurs every day of the week and overwrites the files on a weekly basis.

  4. Right Click and drag all the selected files to your external drive.


At this point the selected files will be copied to your external memory drive. Depending on the size of you databases, this may take a few minutes.

Below is the link for more detailed instruction on how to copy files from folder to another folder


If you do not see any SalonTouch Backup Database folder shortcut on your desktop, there is a chance that you might have deleted this shortcut inadvertently.  If you do not see files in the folder, an anti-virus program on your PC might have stopped the backups. In this case call SalonTouch Support to look at having the service reinstalled.  Our Hosted clients have their backups done in an automated fashion that does not require them to copy and paste files.  The only files that may be in this folder are backups of system database files and do not contain any salon information.


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