Creating Provider Services - Pricing

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Make sure that your employee has been set to be a provider.  

  1. Click the “Setup” icon located at the top of the screen.

  2. Click the “Provider Services” located at the left side of the main screen.

  3. If you are running in a multiple salon environment, select if the product should be a Local or Global Provider Service.  Click on “Add Local Provider Service” on the left side of the screen for a single salon.  Those with multiple salons wishing to all use this service click “Add Global Provider Service.

  4. Select either “Blank Record” or an  select either Blank Record or from one of the existing services to use it as a template.  Using a template is especially helpful and time saving when creating a new service that is very similar to an existing service.

  5. Single click on your selection and then click the “OK” button or double-click your selection.

  6. Enter the services 'Category', 'Service', 'Item' and 'Sub Item' descriptions of the service. You may enter a Bar Code to be identified with the service. You may enter how you would like to track the service. For example, it may be a “Massage Service” as seen below.  You can also alter the way these tracks are viewed on the reports.  Information on that can be found here.

  7. Under the General tab, enter the Tax information for the item.

  8. Click the Pricing tab.

  9. The following items are required for a service: “Salon” Number, “Provider”, "Price", and "Price Starts".  You can enter the information as shown below.  other items such as discount and commissions are optional.

  10. When you have finished click “Save” and the row will be moved down.

Those were the required setup sections for service pricing.  The information below is optional.

The Expense tab allows you to charge the service provider for the materials used to provide this service.  You can also have SalonTouch directly deduct product inventory used in this service.
  • Enter an amount to charge in the "Charge to Service Provider" text field.

  • To deduct inventory, you must first have products setup in SalonTouch and their inventory entered.  Once that is done, click on the +/- button and select what inventory to deduct.

The Memos tab will cause a pop-up appear at time of purchase that will give them information specifically about the service being sold.  You can define the message based on either a Provider Group or a specific service Provider.

  • Select the salon ID from the Salon drop-down.

  • Select a Provider Group or an individual provider from the Provider drop-down.

  • Enter the memo to be displayed and click Save.  This will cause memo to appear on the next line.

SalonTouch Studio - Creating Provider Services Part 1:

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