Creating Provider Services - Booking

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You will need to have created a Provider Service using the instructions found here

Click the “Booking” button.

On the General Tab, you can set a number of settings:

  1. The Allow Booking check allows appointments to be booked for this service.  It is Yes by default.

  2. Suggested re-occurring booking can be set to remind an employee when to re-book the client. The example below suggests the appointment be booked every 6 weeks.

  3. You can alter the color of the appointment text and background color. The Background button is for selecting the color of the appointment, and the Foreground color is used to set the text color. 

  4. The Appointment book should have a short code to denote what service the appointment is for. The example below uses WC&C for a Woman's Cut and Color and all appointments using this will display WC&C on the appointment screen.

  5. If you have our online appointments module activated, you can enter a client-friendly name for the service to be displayed when they book an appointment and any memos that need to be during the online booking process.


On the Timing Tab, you can set a number of settings:

  1. Click the Timing Tab.  We will now put in the time required for the appointment.

  2. Select the salon from the Salon column at the very top row.

  3. Select the Provider Group or the individual Provider from the Provider column.

  4. You will now put in the Book and Open times for the service.  A Book time is a time period where the provider is performing work with the client.  The Open time is where the provider is not directly working with the client, and is able to perform other work during that Open period.

  5. The "Use With New Clients Only" and "Allow Double Booking" are optional.  If the service can be double booked, it must be checked for each provider or provider group that can double book the service.

    The example below has all of the Hair provider group taking 30 minutes for the initial color and color preparation, a 30 minute wait for the color to set, and 60 minutes for the remaining working time. Roy Basko is faster with the initial prep work and he only requires 20 minutes for it.

    In the example below Rachael has a cut and color appointment scheduled for Sharon Roberts at 4:00 PM.  Part 1 of this service takes 30 minutes with 30 minutes of wait time before Part 2 can be started.  Rachael knows that she can easily complete a men's hair cut in the 30 minutes time she has before she has to continue with part 2 of the women's cut and color.  You are able to assign Open times for each provider individually or for an entire group of providers.

  6. Click Save.

    SalonTouch Studio - Creating Provider Services Part 2:

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