EFT Settings for Memberships

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There are a number of options that SalonTouch has to help make working with EFT Membership Services more automated, easier on the employees, and more secure.  The following information will go over the settings that can be changed in SalonTouch.

These settings apply to directly processing EFT Membership Drafts.

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Credit Card Processing under the Activations section on the right side of the pull down.
  3. Under the EFT Processing section you have the following options:
    1. When Processing EFTs when a transaction is Declined apply an additional ____ to the client's :
      This setting will add the client's normal EFT draft plus an additional salon defined amount to the user's account.  The salon has the option of putting this amount in a NSF EFT fee or a general NSF fee.


    2. Automatically decline Expired Credit Cards.
      This allows the salon to decline expired cards without processing them.


    3. Process EFTs as recurring payments
      If the salon captures the card-holder's billing address, charges can be run as a reoccurring payment.  This reduces the processing fees for the salon.


    4. Use Capture/Settle Processing with EFT credit card transactions. (When not using tokens.)
      This helps ensure accurate and timely processing of EFTs.


These settings deal with how EFT Membership Services are processed through the register.

  1. Click Setup
  2. Click Register on the left side of the screen.  These settings control how EFTs are handled at the register point of sale.
  3. Click on the EFTs section on the left pane.

Accepted EFT Payments

These are the type of acceptable draft options when collecting credit card information.


Require EFT information to be completed at the time an EFT service is sold: This will cause a pop-up to appear that will allow an employee to capture credit card information.

This forces the credit card capture screen to appear so that the client's card information will be captured at the time of sale.  You can then force an EFT contract stored on the SalonTouch PC to be pritned at time of sale.  This option also allows you to lock what EFT information the employees can alter when capturing the EFT account information.


The default date of EFT drafts is:

This is the default day that the salon's EFTs will draft.  By default it is 1,  but can be set to any other day.  Drafts on the 29th ,30th, or 31st will be run on the last day of the month if that date does not exist in the month.


When EFT payments are posted reward the client with ____ purchase points per dollar drafted.

The salon can give client's purchase points for a successful EFT draft.  The points are rewarded based on the dollar amount of their EFT draft.  Setting the point to 0 will not reward any.


Default tax for EFT drafts when adding a new EFT service or when EFT tax breakdown information is missing.

This is a list of taxes that will automatically apply to all new EFT drafts.  This will not affect the purchase price at the register, but will automatically set these for new EFT drafts created.


Tax for EFT drafts that are frozen and a freeze charge is to be collected.

Under the guidelines for the Excise Tax on Indoor Tanning Services freeze drafts for UV tanning services are taxed.  The settings below will control what taxes are applied to freeze drafts when they are processed.


Users with SalonTouch Pearl version and higher have the option to credit the freeze draft directly to the client's pre-paid account.  There is an option to include taxes in the pre-paid account credit.
When processing a Freeze EFT Draft apply the amount collected to the client's Prepaid total (requires WorldPay processing)

When printing EFT contracts:
Print only the last 4 account numbers.; This setting will cause only the last 4 digits of the credit card number to appear on the contract i.e. ****1234.

 When Printing EFT contracts print the draft amount including tax. - The EFT contract normally displays only the EFT draft amount without tax on it.  If the salon wishes to include the taxes, place a check for this option.


There are additional settings for EFT Membership Services in the general Options section of SalonTouch.  These are used for how Membership Services deal with tanning, shared packages, fees, and security.

  1. Click Setup
  2. Click Options from the Setup section.  These settings control how EFTs are handled at the register point of sale.
  3. Click on the Tan button on the left pane.  You can then scroll through the options and change them.

Do not allow clients to tan if they have:

These settings keep a client from tanning if they owe fees to the salon.  You can choose what fees will cause the client no longer to tan by placing a check next to it.


Do not allow shared packages to be used if the owner of the package:
These settings keep a client who is using a shared service from tanning if they owe fees to the salon.  You can choose what fees will cause the client no longer to tan by placing a check next to it.


Don't allow shared EFT packages to be used while the owner's EFT account is frozen.


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