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SalonTouch will allow you to control many aspects of the software’s security features.  You can control where you want to require security as well as which employees will have access to those areas.  To change or specify when the Security Pad popup appears (asking for an employee name and password) follow the next procedure.  The Security Pad can be set to popup at almost any point during the program.

If the Security Pad is set to not appear, very limited security information is gathered when accessing that section.  It is strongly suggested that the Security Pad always be set to appear and solo user mode be used to keep passwords from being entered.  How do I setup Solo User mode?

To Stop the Security Pad from Appearing:

  1. Click on the “Setup” button at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on “Security” on the popup menu.
  3. At the security setup screen the column labeled Require Access is where you set the option to show the security pad.  Click on this column to toggle between true and false on any section in which you want to require or not require a password access.  Any item set to False will allow full access for everyone.
  4. Click on Save at the bottom of the screen.

A Security Profile gives the salon owner the ability to assign employees to a group defined by job function.  This groups user's access to particular areas of the program and grants user's specific rights.  For instance, a security profile named “Manager” or “Owner” might have full rights and full access to all of SalonTouch.  A security profile named “Employee” or “Cashier” might have restricted rights and might not be able to access all areas of the program.

  1. Within the Security setup screen, click on the “Add” button on the left side of the screen.
  2. Select either “Create a Blank Security Profile” or an existing profile which may be used as a template. Using a template is especially helpful and time saving when creating a new profile that is very similar to an existing profile.   The template will bring over all security settings, so ensure that the correct settings are applied before assigning the profile.

  3. If the salon has multiple locations with our hosted serices, you can have a security profile be used at all locations.   Checking Make the new profile a Global Security Profile. will set the profile as a global one.

  4. A new column will appear on the right side active window.  There is blank box where you can enter the name of your security profile.  Pleased enter the name of the profile in the blank field e.g. Owner, Manager, or Employee.
  5. Below the profile name is the Level field assign a number for this profile.  It is not the amount of access the profile has.  It simple denotes which security profile is more important then.  This is used for situations where both an owner and a manager may have access to modify an employee’s profile but you do not want to allow the manager to change the owner’s employee profile.   Whoever is assigned to a profile that has a higher level will be able to modify anybody assigned to a profile with a lower security level.  This only applied if their security has access to the Employee or Security section.

  6. You are now able to assign security access to the profile At this point

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