Using Groupon in the Register

Modified on Thu, 29 Nov 2018 at 11:11 AM

Handling special coupons such as Groupon at the register is a two step process.

The salon will need to create a custom payment method.  You can use any name, but this will be what the employees see it in the register similar to Cash or Visa.  The name of the discount voucher program may help them recognize which one to use.  You can have up to 3 custom payment methods.  Follow this link to learn how to create a custom discount  method.

This will allow SalonTouch to breakout incoming revenue to a different category than the rest of the payments.  The 

When processing a sale at the register, the employee will now click on the custom payment method of GROUPON located at the bottom of the payment methods.  If this 

SalonTouch is able to keep track of how you clients are referred to you.  There is a referral section in the client account that can be used to track what method the client found out about your salon.

To Mark a client's referral process.

  1. When a client is entered, have your employee's ask how you heard about them.  If you are using special coupons from Groupon, Facebook, or a paper coupon; the employee can use that to determine the referral method.
  2. You are able to ether type in the referral method or select from a list of methods that have already been entered.  You can also control the Referred by methods inside the software to keep duplicates, typos, and methods you do not care to track from being entered.

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