If you are unable to run SalonTouch in Live mode, please follow these steps to setup a direct connection to your salon’s databases so you can operate SalonTouch as the server issue is being corrected. Please note that in direct connect, you may experience slowness because of your internet speed.

Install this only on the computer in which the timers are attached.

  • Download the DirectConnect_Selector.exe from Google Drive by clicking on the link below. (Please be sure to download this to your desktop or copy it to your desktop once downloaded.)


  • Download the 2 files which will be used to connect to your database by clicking on the links below.  The files are specific for the database server that  (Please be sure to download these to your desktop or copy them to your desktop once downloaded.) 

Download the following files:







  • Once the files have downloaded from Step 2, double-click on each file to begin the install process.  Click through any windows that appear.  Note: Be sure to select Run or Yes when prompted. 

If you are running Windows 10:

  1. Click Run
  2. If User Account Controls are turned on, click Yes at the UAC prompt.
  3. Click Yes
  4. Click OK

  • Once you have installed the 2 files from Step 3, locate the DirectConnect_Selector.exe you downloaded in Step 1 and Right-Click on the file and select Run as Administrator then click on Change Log In.

You will be prompted to enter your user name and password.

Your user name is in the email that was sent to the email account on file. Once entered click OK.

Your user password is in the email that was sent to the email account on file. Once entered click OK

  • Select the SQL Server Name from the first drop down listbox under the Tab Heading Databases. The SQL Server Name is IDI-DB-CL01\DB01 or  IDI-DB-CL02\DB02
    You will get a prompt asking if you want to use this server for all other databases. Click Yes.
  • Select the Database Names from the drop down listboxes under the Tab Heading Paths. The database names will be Your User Name you enter in Step 4 followed by an underscore followed by SalonTouchDB. So, it will look like YOURUSERNAME_SalonTouchDB. You will need to select this from the SalonTouchDB and SalonTouch Tracer drop down listboxes.

    DO NOT select the Distribution, Master, MSDB, or TempDB databases.

    Click Save to save the settings then click Cancel to ext.

  • Download the Direct Connect shortcut file by clicking on the link below. (Please be sure to download this to your desktop or copy it to your desktop once downloaded.)
  • You may need to rename the extension of the file you downloaded in Step 7. If the file name is not named SalonTouch Direct Connect.lnk, right-click on the file, select Rename, and change the extension so it is named SalonTouch Direct Connect.lnk

    Double-click the SalonTouch Direct Connect shortcut and select your salon.