How to handle taxes in SalonTouch Evolution

Modified on Wed, 10 Aug 2016 at 11:24 AM

Taxes are a fact of life.  With the introduction of the Federal Tan Tax for UV tanning going into effect July 1st 2010 it has become a bit more complicated. Here are the various aspects of setting up taxes in SalonTouch Evolution:

Basic Tax Rate Setup


  1. Click Setup

  2. Click Register. 

  3. Click the Taxes tab.

  4. You can use any other available tax entry that is not currently in use. We recommend using Tax #4 as it very rarely used. For the description enter either FedTxTanTxTTax or any description that will make sense to you on reports. There is a limit of 5 characters for this field. 

  5. Enter the decimal amount of the tax in the Amount Column i.e. since the Federal Tan Tax is 10% you will enter .and 10% will appear in the % column.

  6. Click Save at the bottom

Taxes for Products and Services

For each and every product or Tan service ensure that under the Dollar tab the appropriate taxes are checked off.

Taxes on Surcharges (or Upgrades)

  1. Click on the Setup button at the top

  2. Click on Rooms to the left side

  3. Click the Options tab

  4. At the bottom is a list of taxes. Select the appropriate tax you want to apply on the surcharge or upgrade

  5. Click Save at the bottom

Default Taxes for EFT Services (Membership Services)

 You can setup default taxes for EFT or membership drafts as follows:

  1. Click Setup

  2. Click Register

  3. Click the EFTs Tab

  4. Check the boxes for all applicable taxes that are going to be default for EFT Drafts and EFT draft Freeze. If a certain services such as Red Light Therapy or Massage does not apply a tax then you will have to manually change the tax settings on that service.

  5. Click Save

Taxes for EFT Services using the Tanning Module

  1. Click Setup

  2. Click on Tan Services at the left

  3. Select the Tan service you want to modify

  4. Ensure that this service is defined as an EFT services by selecting "This is an EFT Services" for the drop down menu

  5. Click Add New Draft + Tax and enter the draft amount and select the appropriate taxes that apply.

  6. Click Save

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