The most likely cause of this is that the products and Services have not been setup properly. There are a number of settings that are mandatory for the products to be displayed in the Register for sales transactions.
  1. Click on Setup

  2. Click on Products, Tan Services as appropriate.

  3. Select the product or service from the list.

  4. Click on the Dollars tab.

  5. Check on the following mandatory items:

    • That there is a price listed.  Even if the item is given away for free, it still needs a price of 0.00.

    • The Price Starts date is today or in the past.

    • The Price Ends date is in the future (optional)

    • The Display in Register is set to Yes.

    • If you are using a Global Product or Service, the Salon ID will need to be listed or set to ALL.  If it is an individual salon ID, it will only be able to be sold at that salon.

Product Pricing in Evolution