In most cases, you may not have the proper number of Sessions, Point, or Minutes listed for the bed on the Surcharges tab.

Surcharge Setup in SalonTouch Evolution

  1. Click on Setup.

  2. Click on Tan Services.

  3. For Local Tan Services select the Tan Service that is not deducting.

  4. For Global Tan Services, click Connection > Global Tan Services and select the Tan Service that is not deducting.

  5. Click on the Surcharges tab.

  6. If you do not have a number under the Deduct Flat or Deduct per Min, it will not deduct anything for use of the bed.

  7.  The example below will not deduct anything for using the Level 2 Standup room.

  8. Click on the Deduct Flat Sessions square in the room's row.  This may be Deduct Sessions Per Min, Deduct Flat Minutes, Deduct Flat Points depending on what type of service that is selected.

  9. Change the Deduct Flat Sessions to the number of sessions that should be deducted.

  10. Click Save 

  11. When you leave the service it will ask you if you want to have changes apply to all clients who own this service.  Click Yes and all Surcharge changes will be made to all clients who have this package.