What is a Rollover Service

Modified on Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 6:05 PM

A Rollover service is a special type of units-based service that is still a monthly service.  Every month the client's service will allow them to have some or all of the unused units be "Reset" to the next month for use.

First mark the service as a Reset service.  Click the black ... button next to the Reset service information on the upper right.

Place a check mark in the new window that appears to make it a Reset service:

The options for Reset services allow the service to reset the number of units back to the original purchased value when the date condition for the Rollover has been met.

You will need to set a date condition that it will Reset on.  It can be the Day of Week, Day of Month, or Day of Year.  This is a number value, so Monday would be the 1st of the week, Tuesday the 2nd, etc.  The picture below has the service rollover on the 1st of every month.

Once it is set to be a reset service, the service will need to have rules setup to rollover the units.  Place a check mark next to When the service is reset, roll over the available remaining units.

In the new area, you can define how many units are rolled over to the next month and the maximum number of units they are permitted to accumulate.  A 0 in these options mean that they will roll over ALL units and have no limit on the number they can accumulate from unused units the previous month.


A client purchases a service that is set up with 10 beginning units and to Rollover on day 15 of each month.  It is an EFT membership service so it does not expire until a cancellation service is sold.

On the 15th of each month the client's service will get 10 additional sessions. 

Each month the service will get an additional 10 sessions when the reset/rollover service report is run.  The example has a limit of 30 sessions that it can accumulate.  Once it hits 30 sessions, no new sessions are added to the client's rollover service.

If all 10 units are used up before the end of the month, the service is not considered expired just unavailable for use. The service will still reset the beginning units back to 10 on the first of the next month. This will continue until the expiration date on the service has passed.

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