1. Click on the Reports button near the top of the screen.
  2. Click on the second tab that says “Client”
  3. Near the bottom of the screen there will be a button that says “Download” after clicking on that, you see a window that looks like the one below :
  4. Move your mouse to the address bar, and click on it. It will then default to the desktop, you then select the file you want to export.
  5. It will then tell you the file path to the document on your local PC you have exported. Which is “C:\SalonTouch\Salon_Reports\downloads” This information box looks like this :
  6. You may now minimize SalonTouch by moving your mouse up to the blue bar. Click on the middle button, that looks like two boxes.
  7. Open your file explorer, and navigate to the path it showed you earlier. (See step 5)
  8. Your exported files will be located there, and you will be able to do whatever is needed with them.